3D animation is a leading solution for the complex Oil and Gas industry

Attracting a global audience of engineers, technical specialists and industry leaders, SPE Offshore Europe is a leading event for businesses across the world to showcase the best technologies and solutions in the industry.

As hundreds of exhibitors gather, the need to achieve credibility and visitor attention in a competitive market is vital for Oil and Gas companies. But as the industry finds itself under financial pressure, businesses now require more cost-effective solutions to display their service offering without sacrificing quality.

Among recent advances in technology 3D animation has come to the forefront, becoming a popular tool used to demonstrate businesses capabilities at industry trade shows.

Robert Hancock, Production Manager of 3D & Motion Graphics at AVC Media, explains why 3D animation is a key solution for Oil and Gas companies.

He said: “At industry exhibitions such as Offshore Europe, 3D animation has emerged as a favoured marketing tool because it allows businesses to display Oil and Gas content to audiences in a simplified way, presenting true-to-life demonstrations that are easy to manipulate.

“There has been steady development and increasing demand for 3D animation as companies are now recognising its value. The key attraction to 3D animation is its ability to display complex products and processes when traditional filming and imagery cannot. With stimulating visuals and powerful content, 3D animation can visually engage your audience and draw clients to your stand.

“3D also provides the perfect opportunity to interact with an audience through programmes such as Augmented Reality (AR). This programme is unique in that it provides audiences with an accurate 3D digital representation of their physical environment from just a 2D trigger.

“Through the use of AVC Media’s augmented reality platform, ClevAR, we are able to create triggers for clients that activate the display of 3D models when a smartphone or tablet is pointed at them. By activating ClevAR, users can interact with the AR content which can be anything from images to animations and videos.

“Along with its marketing uses, many companies use 3D animation as a highly effective training tool. Very often AVC Media work with clients from the pre-engineering planning phase through to the full project lifecycle to commission offshore. These animations deliver consistent, language-independent training prior to mobilisation. When reading the process from a manual it is open to individual interpretation, whereas an animation can provide a concise language free message.

“At a time where Oil and Gas companies are making financial cut backs, 3D Animation has become a cost-effective solution for using at exhibitions such as Offshore Europe. With no need for actors, props or materials it provides a huge advantage, saving businesses both time and money.”

AVC Media, the Aberdeen based media and communications company, has one of the largest 3D animation studios in the North-East of Scotland. With over 20 years’ experience the company has a track record for providing 3D animation, motion graphics and technical visualisation across the Oil and Gas, renewable, engineering and sports sectors.

Keith Robertson, General Manager of AVC Media’s Media and Sport Production said that the increased demand for 3D animation has led to the expansion of the company’s services.

Mr Robertson explains: ‘’The 3D animation division within AVC Media has seen steady growth over the last 12 months with some fantastic animations produced for projects all over the world. Due to the growing demand we have increased our portfolio by offering our clients a diverse range of animations options to suit.

“In this current climate clients are looking to save money and reduce budgets and by using 3D animation it enables them to visualise a project before having to compete with costly demonstrations and offshore experiments. With over 20 years’ experience in 3D animation within the Oil and Gas Industry, AVC Media is ideally placed to assist and produce market leading animations both onshore or offshore.''

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