The first quarter of a year is a time when businesses reflect on their objectives and formulate their strategies for the months ahead. It is not uncommon for the team at Align People HR to be called upon to assist their clients in translating their values and objectives into engaging initiatives for staff in SMEs.

One of the ways in which Align People HR do this is through the creation and delivery of staff workshops which are bespoke to the needs of their clients. These regularly take the form of team building, people focussed, supervisory and team leading themes.

Align People HR recently worked with brand agency, Bold St Media, to deliver an Account Managers Workshop to the senior members of the team who are responsible for leading the strategy and delivery of activity to drive ROI on client accounts in a range of industries.

The workshop took place following Bold St Media’s 2024 strategy day, enabling the team to reflect on their thoughts about the business’s plans and targets and their role in supporting achieving them before carrying out hands-on activities which encouraged them to put themselves ‘in their clients’ shoes’ as part of the businesses continual commitment to delivering the best working relationship and service.

Bold St Media’s Founder and Managing Director, Eilidh McCluskie, commented: “As our business continues to grow and we expand our service offering, it’s crucial that we take a beat as a team to reflect on how we support our client’s currently and how we can continually improve individually and collectively. I’m a great believer in the power of small improvements and being even 1% better than yesterday to deliver great results and workshops like this support us to do this.

“Alison at Align People HR created the bespoke Account Managers Workshop to suit the needs of our business and delivered the activities in a way that was enjoyable and engaging for our staff.”

The Align People HR purpose is to support SMEs grow productive and inclusive business cultures, with fully aligned and engaged employees. In addition to offering in-house workshops, the business also offers a six-month leadership programme for people managers.

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