Aberdeen personal trainers set to become first of their kind with new partnership

Personal trainers at an Aberdeen gym are set to become armed with specialist knowledge as a result of a unique partnership with established Aberdeen Chiropractors.

Trainers at Village Health and Fitness in Westhill are being trained by experts from Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic so that they have a better understanding of their client’s bodies and injuries.

The recent Free Open Fitness Weekend saw over 600 visitors come along to learn more about what the new partnership will mean for members as well as a host of other activities. Marcus Maddock, Manager of Village Health and Fitness at the Village Urban Resort in Westhill, explains how the partnership will set them apart from other gyms in the area:

“In the past, personal trainers had to work around injuries if their clients were unable to perform certain exercises. Now our team are able to recommend specific training to help avoid making an injury worse, improve it and prevent it reoccurring.

“This fully fledged partnership is far more than just a referral scheme. The Chiropractors will be in the gym regularly to supply our personal trainers with a knowledge and understanding of how the body works – this is something which other gyms in the area simply don’t have.”

With a new clinic recently opened at Westhill Business Centre, which focuses on improving corporate health and wellbeing, Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic owner, Eline Pedersen tells us more about the benefits the partnership will have to people’s health and wellbeing:

“Marcus and I realised there was a big gap between advising people how to train and the available treatments and solutions in avoiding injury. We aim to bridge that gap by supplying the personal trainers with an unrivalled knowledge compared to others in their field. The exceptional team at Village Health and Fitness are bringing the gym experience to a new level by having direct excess to the expertise of Clinic Associates and Doctors of Chiropractic James Myers and Candice Myers as well as Dr Costas Hadjikonstantinou and the Bioresonace testing for deficiencies, optimal nutrition and food intolerances.

“The feedback we have received since the event from gym members has been excellent, with many already booking appointments to have injuries looked at in more detail. Prior to this partnership they may have continued exercises that could have caused long term damage to the body.”


About Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic

Founded in 1979 by Dr. Kenneth Bramberg, Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic cares for families and individuals in a holistic, natural way. Eline Pedersen bought the 331 Great Western Road based clinic in 2006 and they have a new occupational health base in Westhill.

The clinic looks after both consumer and corporate health. They are committed to caring for the entire family – from pregnant mums and infants to teens, adults and seniors – in a way that promotes an active and healthy approach to life.

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