Teachers in Aberdeen are speaking out on their "nightmare" work environments after almost half of some 800 surveyed reported violent pupil behaviour in school every day.

The union EIS, who carried out the survey, found that more than a third (37%) said they had been physically assaulted at school.

One teacher, who spoke anonymously to BBC News, questioned: "I wonder - do they have a weapon? Are they going to just kick out and assault me?"

The secondary school teacher added: "There are pupils that just refuse point blank to do what you're asking.

"They'll swear at you, often they will square up to you.

"For the first time in my career, I'm scared in my workplace."

Exclusions 'frowned upon' by city council

Despite 42% of surveyed members reporting violent incidents everyday, EIS Aberdeen claim these are still being under reported.

Ron Constable, joint secretary of the Aberdeen EIS branch, added that exclusions are being 'frowned upon' by the local authority.

He said: "I would say that there is drastic under reporting of violent and abusive incidents in schools in Aberdeen city.

"SLT (senior learning teams) are under considerable pressure in terms of avoiding excluding pupils.

"Several comments from head teachers have said they would like to exclude but that it is frowned upon by Aberdeen City Council."

Policies and procedures in place

Education convener Martin Greig said: "Everyone who visits and uses a school environment is entitled to expect that place to be a safe, peaceful, respectful environment.

"So any complaints that come through need to be addressed, in the interests, especially of the young people, but also of staff, families, anyone who is involved in the life of a school.

"Behaviour in schools is monitored, there are policies and procedures to make sure staff are as safe as possible," he added.

"There's always more that you can do, and we are absolutely keen to do whatever is necessary to ensure that environment feels safe for all - for staff, for parents and carers and especially for the young people."

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