In a significant boost to its community-focused initiatives, Absafe, the Aberdeen-based safety education charity, has been awarded a £9,400 grant by ABZ Works (Aberdeen City Council’s employability team) to implement a series of unique employability activities designed to equip individuals with essential skills for the modern workplace. This funding marks a pivotal moment for Absafe, enabling the organisation to expand its impact and reach within the community it serves.

The grant will be utilised to conduct two four-week blocks of activities, each week focusing on a different critical area: digital skills, workplace and personal safety, mental resilience and communication and unleashing creativity. The charity will also conduct a final session focused on consolidating learning and evaluation. This multifaceted approach ensures participants not only gain practical skills but also develop holistically, enhancing their employability in an increasingly complex job market.

Digital Skills for the Future

Understanding the importance of digital literacy in today’s digital age, Absafe will offer comprehensive workshops aimed at equipping participants with the necessary digital skills. From basic computer literacy to more advanced cyber security know-how, these sessions are designed to prepare individuals for the technological demands of the modern workplace.

Safety First

A core tenet of Absafe’s mission, safety education will play a crucial role in the program. Participants will learn about workplace safety protocols, emergency response techniques, and personal safety measures, fostering a safe and secure working environment for all.

Mental Resilience and Effective Communication

Recognising the critical link between mental health and employability, Absafe will provide workshops focused on mental wellbeing and communication skills. These sessions aim to enhance participants' ability to manage stress, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively in diverse settings.

Unleashing Creativity Through Art and Play

In a unique twist, Absafe will incorporate art and play into its employability activities. This innovative approach seeks to unlock participants' creativity, encouraging problem-solving skills and team-building through engaging and interactive methods.

Consolidating Learning and Evaluation

In their endeavour to assess project effectiveness, Absafe will employ pre/post-assessments, feedback sessions, stakeholder consultations, and outcome analyses. Reflecting on their findings, the organisation strives for ongoing enhancement, committed to transparently sharing results to showcase impact and guide future activities.

Absafe’s CEO, Louise, dedicated to the charity's mission of educating their community and saving lives, expressed enthusiasm about the grant: "This generous funding from ABZ Works enables us to offer a holistic program, that not only addresses the technical skills needed in today’s job market, but also the personal development of our participants. By integrating digital skills, safety, mental wellbeing, and creativity into our activities, we aim to prepare individuals for not just employment, but for life."

The program is set to begin in the upcoming weeks, with Absafe ready to welcome participants eager to enhance their employability and personal growth. Through this initiative, Absafe reaffirms its commitment to the well-being and development of the Aberdeen community, paving the way for a safer, more inclusive, and creative future for all.

For more information on how to participate or support Absafe’s initiatives, please contact the Absafe team on or via their social media channels.

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