In an inspiring collaboration between the local community and a talented young individual, Absafe proudly announces the addition of Jeremy, a 17-year-old graphic designer from NESCOL, to their team for a 6-month placement. Jeremy's passion for art and innovation has led him to take a pivotal role in re-developing Absafe's tabletop game, "WaterSafe," into an engaging and dynamic experience for families.

Jeremy's journey with Absafe began when he showcased his exceptional talents as a graphic designer. His portfolio, available at [] serves as a testament to his creative prowess. Beyond his graphic design skills, Jeremy has created his own tabletop game, highlighting his deep love for the medium.

At present, the project is in the prototype stage, and Jeremy has been putting in tireless efforts to design and create a visually appealing working prototype of the game. The game focuses on water safety and is designed to be both fun and educational. It features trivia cards to stimulate players' minds and task cards that encourage physical activity, ranging from singing their favourite songs to acting out comical scenarios. With a maximum player capacity of six, "WaterSafe" is designed for families to enjoy quality time while learning essential water safety skills.

Jeremy's innovative idea to transition from a standard board format to a tile-based game promises to make the game not only more re-playable, but, also more accessible to a wider audience due to lower production costs. The flexibility of tile-based gameplay allows for a different layout with each playthrough, ensuring that players will never tire of the game's challenges.

Jeremy's dedication to this project aligns perfectly with Absafe's mission to save lives by fostering inclusivity and promoting safety. The organisation is grateful for his valuable contribution and looks forward to the positive changes "WaterSafe" will bring to the community.

As the project moves forward, everyone is invited to follow the tabletop journey on Absafe's social media channels. The organisation is excited about the positive impact "WaterSafe" can have on promoting water safety awareness and education in the community.

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