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In January 2015, ACSEF (Aberdeen City & Shire Economic Future) commissioned Arneil Johnston to deliver a research study into the need for private sector key worker housing.

ACSEF recognise that the growth and success of the regional economy is influenced by the ability of local businesses to attract and recruit a workforce that is skilled and mobile. A key factor in workforce mobility is the ability of workers to access housing in the right location and at a price that can be afforded. Limited housing options and increasing housing costs will restrict the labour mobility, restrict the ability of private businesses to recruit and could restrict economic growth.

The study aims to identify whether there is a need for key worker housing to enable private sector firms to attract, recruit and retain the workforce they need for success and growth. As part of the research, analysis on housing affordability will be carried out.
Local salary and income levels will be benchmarked against the costs of housing to test affordability levels. It is also hoped that information on private sector key worker salaries can be tested. To achieve this, ACSEF need better information about key worker positions that private sector businesses may find difficult to fill.
As a result, members are asked to complete this short questionnaire to enable ACSEF to identify the key worker positions and salary levels that could benefit from affordable housing.

The link below will take you to a short survey-monkey questionnaire. Questions include:

  • Whether your business has experienced problems with recruiting staff
  • The job titles and salaries of posts that you would describe as “difficult to fill”
  • Whether you feel that housing supply or affordability problems affect recruitment
  • Whether you offer recruitment benefits or incentives to help with housing costs

The questionnaire takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Your assistance in this important research study is hugely appreciated. The closing date for completed surveys is August 10, 2015.

Click here to take the survey.

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