Integrity HSE have enjoyed a very successful first year for several reasons, many of which can be traced back to one common thread: the attitude, behaviours, and competence of the professionals they employ.

This is the reason their loyal clients refuse to go anywhere else, and that their main source of new business is either by referral or word of mouth.

Steven Harris, Managing Director, told us, “We don’t offer a unique range of services, we just deliver them better than our competition. But that could never be said to be a unique selling point, excellence should always be the default. Our competitive advantage comes from the people we employ, and that is never so apparent as in our leadership training”.

What Integrity HSE do differently is their leadership offerings are delivered by two trainers: a seasoned industry leader and a military leadership expert. This has led clients to enjoy a relevant student experience that has been brought to life by the likes of an ex-Special Air Service (SAS) operative or former Directors of the Royal Navy Leadership Academy.

Integrity HSE training

Integrity HSE training

Recently, Integrity HSE facilitate five leadership workshops in Mexico for a multinational drilling contractor. The Integrity HSE team that delivered the workshops comprised of a drilling professional with over 40 years’ experience, which included industry leadership development programmes, who was paired with the former Director of the Intermediate Command and Staff Course at the MOD’s Joint Services Command and Staff College.

Needless to say, the client was very pleased and has already asked for more services.

If you have leaders that have not been trained, or perhaps you would like to explore how to give your senior personnel a new drive and focus, contact the Integrity HSE team on Integrity HSE would be happy to put you in touch with their clients so that you can hear for yourself what it’s like to be trained by their team of experts.

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