The Asthma and Allergy Foundation is excited to announce the launch of its comprehensive e-Learning courses, designed to provide valuable knowledge and resources for individuals living with asthma and allergies, carers, businesses, and educational establishments. These courses are now available on the foundation's website,

Living with asthma and allergies can present unique challenges and require specialised knowledge and skills to effectively manage symptoms and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation is excited to announce the launch of its comprehensive e-Learning courses, designed to empower individuals, including patients, caregivers, businesses, nursery, and school staff, in taking control of asthma and allergies and leading fulfilling lives.

The newly launched e-Learning courses offer a wide range of topics and modules tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals with asthma and allergies. Participants will have access to evidence-based information, practical tips, and strategies for managing symptoms, avoiding triggers, and improving overall well-being. The courses cover key areas such as asthma information, allergy information and research, asthma awareness training, advice and support, and asthma workshops.

"We are thrilled to introduce our e-Learning courses as a valuable resource for individuals living with asthma and allergies," said Vicki McGrain Rae, Head of Asthma and Allergy Services. "By providing accessible and comprehensive education, we aim to empower participants to better understand these conditions and empower those living with these conditions to make informed decisions, and live healthier lives.

The e-Learning courses are self-paced, allowing participants to learn at their own convenience and from the comfort of their homes. Each module is structured with engaging content, interactive quizzes to reinforce learning and facilitate knowledge retention.

"I am immensely proud of the entire team for their dedication and hard work in bringing these e-Learning courses to fruition," commented Martina Chukwuma-Ezike, Chief Executive at Asthma and Allergy Foundation. "This achievement not only expands our reach but also exemplifies the remarkable collaboration between our dedicated team and clinical advisors. Together, we have created a resource that will empower individuals living with asthma globally, and make a lasting impact in their asthma management as well as fostering a more asthma-aware community."

To access the eLearning courses and embark on a journey to better asthma and allergy management, visit and navigate to the "E-Learning Course" section. The courses are open to individuals of all ages, including patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals interested in expanding their knowledge in asthma and allergy management.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation remains committed to its mission of providing evidence-based health information, confidential advice, and support to individuals with asthma, their families, and caregivers. Through the launch of the e-Learning courses, the foundation aims to reach a wider audience and ensure that individuals have the necessary tools and knowledge to breathe easy and live full lives.

For media inquiries or any further information required please contact: or call 01224 973001.

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