Bid partnerships at the heart of city centre recovery plan

In these unprecedented and challenging times for businesses, Aberdeen Inspired are working with key partners in Aberdeen City Council, Police Scotland and the local community to maintain our city centre and prepare for recovery in a safe and sensible fashion, when the current restrictions on personal movement are reviewed and relaxed.

In line with our Purple Flag status, where we have been nationally recognised for our achievements in working collaboratively to delivering a safe and welcoming city centre, we are in daily liaison with Northeast Division of Police Scotland to ensure that vacant property is safeguarded, and crime issues are addressed. At this time, national figures for overall crime have reduced by 25%, with premises break ins down 30% and serious assaults also down by 40%.

Whilst this is welcome news, we understand that many businesses will be concerned about the safety of their premises. Aberdeen Inspired is acting as the conduit between the Police and local business, to ensure any issues are reported immediately and action taken to address them. Our local policing team are undertaking preventative measures such as patrolling the city centre and giving support and assistance to staff, at those businesses that are currently open to the public. The support of the police has never been more important, and liaison will continue to ensure that any concerns from business are quickly notified to local officers for action.

Aberdeen city centre chief inspector, Davie Howieson said, “We have been able to maintain a highly visible presence in the city centre to ensure the area remains safe and that property is protected. As always, we continue to work with Aberdeen Inspired and our dedicated partnership within the City Centre to support businesses and we are committed to safeguarding those that are currently operating by providing essential services.”

Whilst Aberdeen Inspired have no direct responsibility for cleanliness of the city centre the BID are in close liaison with Aberdeen City Council Operations team and are reflecting any concerns from city centre businesses to them. We know that it is in all our interests to ensure as much as possible can be done to keep the city centre aesthetically pleasing and hygienic and despite significant pressures on the ACC operations team workforce staff are working to keep the city centre clean, using mechanical cleaners in the city centre to maintain hygiene standards.

Commenting on the work of the BID, Innes Walker city centre manager said, “ I am working hard to keep abreast of any issues which may arise and will ensure the necessary actions are taken to resolve them. I am also in contact with community representatives, including the City Centre Community Council and local Councillors. The hope is that effective liaison will encourage the local community to look out for premises in their area, to ensure they are protected, in anticipation of reopening. We are also working to identify any vulnerable individuals who can be assisted by public authorities or third sector voluntary services.

“Aberdeen Inspired remain committed to supporting business in the city centre, at this challenging and critical time. We are working with key partners across the public, voluntary and private sectors to develop a City Centre Recovery plan. We are committed to driving forward the heart of the recovery phase working with the council, our businesses and the community in getting our wonderful city centre back open for business.”

Dustin Macdonald, chair of the city centre community council said “Businesses are a part of any community and even more so within the city centre. We are thankful to every business that has taken the measures required to provide vital services or keep people safe and welcome the ability with work with others for the city centre. We look forward to going beyond the current situation and know that it will make those partnerships stronger.”

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