BrewDog has its eyes set on dismantling Guinness as Britain's favourite stout.

The Ellon-brewer said Black Heart has "significantly disrupted" Guinness' century-long grip on the market after claiming a million pints of the stout left the brewery in 2023.

More than 300,000 pints of Black Heart has been sold across BrewDog's own bars, while it's the best-selling four-pack on the website.

"In just a year we have completely shattered the status quo and disrupted Guinness’ iron grip on the stout market," said BrewDog's chief executive, James Watt.

In the final four weeks of 2023, the drink delivered £4m worth of sales, according to grocery sales data from Nielsen Scantrack.

Watt added that the aim for Black Heart was to be the number one selling stout in supermarkets by 2027.

"It’s not so black and white anymore," Watt said.

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