As a world leading EPCI supplier of wind farm substations we have extensive experience in building and ensuring maximum uptime for assets in the offshore wind industry. Semco Maritime Ltd. are involved in all aspects of bringing offshore wind energy to shore.

For Semco Maritime, the adventure of offshore wind started back in 2002, with the world’s first large-scale commercial offshore wind farm. Since that point we have been a crucial factor to over 20 more offshore wind projects. With the first offshore wind farm being constructed in Danish waters, subsequently we have built on this and continued our involvement in more projects. Providing competitive turnkey offshore wind electrical infrastructures to all offshore substation projects.

In the years to come, we, in the UK, will also be focusing on developing sustainable solutions for our customers that limit the impact on the environment. This experience will also be applied to the developing markets in both Taiwan and the US.

Looking ahead, our main focus and challenge is to contribute and increase our presence within the green part of the energy sector – with our main focus being on offshore wind. However, this is not to imply we are leaving the oil and gas industry behind, moreover, our primary focus will be on developing sustainable solutions.

So, what does this mean? This will involve the implementation of hybrid solutions on today’s offshore rigs, energy storage, remote solutions for maintenance and service tasks on wind farms in operations among other things.

Semco Maritime Ltd. want to play an important role in meeting the world’s growing energy demand in a safe and sustainable way. Based on our extensive experience and world-class engineering, we have developed ways to make sections of the substation into standard proven concepts – while meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.

Specialising in all aspects of bringing energy to shore – including telecommunication systems, firefighting systems, manpower and transport solutions. Our in-house specialists cover all elements involved in connecting the offshore wind power plant to the onshore grid. We have helped meet all client’s electrical infrastructure needs including onshore and offshore substations.

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