Businesses to benefit from flexible connections with new SureVoIP Mobile innovation

An award-winning Aberdeen telecoms firm has signalled the launch of a new mobile solution that will allow business users to stay connected wherever they are in the world, without being tied to any single network operator.

SureVoIP, which has traditionally specialised in using the internet to deliver telecoms – more commonly known as voice-over internet protocol (VoIP), has launched a SIM only plan that will ensure customers can always find a phone signal and have the broadest network coverage possible.

As the first solution of its kind developed in Scotland, the new offering is expected to lead to significant growth for the company.

SureVoIP Mobile uses EE, O2 and Vodafone networks when a mobile signal is available in the UK. It allows an unlocked phone to automatically search for and use the best available signal, provided there is a mobile carrier in the area, without the need for WiFi.

SureVoIP has launched the product’s beta version exclusively for an initial 75 customers. The company expects to have 5,000 SIM cards live by the end of 2019, while it is anticipated the move could create jobs and open new opportunities for partnerships with large firms both in the UK and internationally.

Gavin Henry, managing director at SureVoIP, said: “The motivation for the new product came from the experience of continually having to pick a single provider, especially for businesses and individuals in remote or rural locations, such as the north-east of Scotland, where staying connected can be challenging.

“SureVoIP Mobile has the potential to be a game-changer by allowing users to access every available network. No matter where you are in the world, if you have the SIM card and there’s a signal in the area, your phone or device will automatically find and access the best available coverage and internet access across any network.”

The solution, which can be used throughout the UK and in nearly all international locations, is available on either pay-as-you-go or with monthly call and data bundles which can be tailored to suit an organisation – without any minimum contract or limitations on customising bundles.

Primarily aimed at business travellers and remote workers who spend long hours out of the office or use field-based device – including the next generation of Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine services that work on any network – SureVoIP Mobile is also expected to appeal to enthusiasts of outdoor activities such as cycling and sailing.

As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), SureVoIP Mobile customers, partners and resellers will benefit from the ability to receive calls on any device, share bundles with colleagues and access real-time billing which provides more predictable costs and protects against fraud.

The platform also provides full inbound and outbound call recording as well as the ability to view and store text message content; ensuring regulatory compliance.

Gavin Henry added: “Following the recent investment in our billing platform and other customer systems, it has given us the flexibility to innovate and develop new products which, in turn, gives us a real competitive advantage not only locally, but across the whole of the UK.

“It’s been a long journey – probably a year in the making – to get the business to a level of technical ability where it’s possible to make this step into a new market for SureVoIP. I’m very excited about what 2019 holds for the company, our staff, partners and customers.”

SureVoIP is a carrier-grade VoIP provider and delivers its service over the firm’s own wholly owned and managed systems – providing clients with the reassurance of a UK-based technical support team.

The company, which is a network operator with its own equipment in Edinburgh and London, services the VoIP telephony requirements of more than 1,700 companies of varying size, from multinational oil majors to national charities.

Gavin Henry, managing director at SureVoIP

Gavin Henry, managing director at SureVoIP

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