Cairngorm Lodges and Bothies hold a deep respect for the red squirrel population that thrives on the Blelack forest estate that the self-catering sites can be found just outside of Logie Coldstone.

These adorable creatures are featured in all their communications, company policies, and most importantly, decision-making processes. Every action taken aims to ensure the squirrels' well-being and minimize any potential negative impact.

Recognizing the inherent rights of these furry residents, the Lodges implemented policies that help safeguard their existence.

This year, Squirrel Appreciation Day 21st January, provided a special opportunity to celebrate these furry friends.

Guests and visitors were invited to submit their best photos of red squirrels captured on and around the premises. A friendly competition with prizes encouraged enthusiastic participation.

The heartwarming photos showcased the beauty and charm of these playful creatures, further solidifying the commitment of Cairngorm Lodges to preserving their habitat and well-being.

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