Who is known as the airport hoover? Who wears boots on certain floors and who pretends to be an airport sniffer dog?

Aberdeen International Airport and Canine Concern Scotland Trust have launched the Canine Crew Collectibles.

The cards contain information about the dogs including their breed, favourite things to do and some of their dislikes.

Passengers can collect the card from the owner of the dog when they are visiting Aberdeen International Airport.

A QR code is also part of the collectible allowing passengers to directly donate to Canine Concern Scotland Trust.

The airport’s Therapets project, a partnership with Canine Concern Scotland Trust, is designed to reduce anxiety associated with travelling through interaction with therapy dogs and has now been internationally acknowledged as industry leading.

Fraser Bain, Project Manager at AIA and Diane Wood, Chair of the Board of Trustee Directors and Area Representative from Canine Concern Scotland Trust brought the initiative to the terminal which won the National Geographic Traveller’s Award for innovation in 2019.

A popular addition to the airport the Canine Crew visit all areas of the terminal including our re-tail and departures lounge cheering up anyone who has had a ruff day.

Fraser Bain, Project Manager at Aberdeen International Airport, said: “We are delighted to have so many wonderful dogs be a part of our Canine Crew this year.

“It includes some familiar faces and a couple new and we know our passengers are always happy to see the dogs at the airport.

“We hope everyone enjoys the Canine Crew Collectibles and considers donating directly to the charity.”

Diane Wood, Chair of the Board of Trustee Directors and Area Representative from Canine Concern Scotland Trust, said: “Last year our crew were delighted to return to the airport and carry out their duties.

“We know our Canine Crew is very popular with both staff and passengers and look forward to seeing everyone at the terminal.”

The Canine Crew also played a key role in welcoming visits to Aberdeen when the Sports Personality of the Year Awards came to the Granite City.

To find out more about Aberdeen International Airport and our Therapets programme visit https://www.aberdeenairport.com/aberdeen-airport-guide/special-assistance/therapet-dogs-programme/ies.

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