Care experienced young people offered support through the pandemic with innovative app

Aberdeen City Council today has issued a reminder to the city’s vulnerable young people that they can access support through the current Covid-19 pandemic via an innovative app launched by the council last year.

Since March 2019 the Mind Of My Own app has helped the city’s care-experienced young people make their voices heard and make decisions on their lives by saying how they are feeling, what support they need and to tell their care worker about the things that are important to them.

The app has taken on additional importance in the current pandemic lockdown and means that young people can maintain contact the social work professionals who support them and their families.

The Council’s Integrated Children’s and Family Services team recognises that the current, unprecedented situation and the social isolation it brings could present challenges for many care-experienced young people who may be finding the lack of face to face contact difficult or finding thought-structuring challenging.

With the use of Mind Of My Own, users can help overcome feelings of anxiety, isolation or loneliness by sending their worker a statement , which will be received by email, to let them know how the user is feeling and allow the individual to feel connected and digitally close to them at this time.

The app can be downloaded from an app store or by creating an account at

If potential users find this difficult, they can contact their worker and be supported through the downloading process.

Social work professionals in Aberdeen City Council who know a young person who would benefit from the use of the app and have any questions on how to sign a young person up or how this could benefit them at this time should email

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