NHS Grampian Endowment Fund has announced its new operating name, NHS Grampian Charity, as part of a major rebrand for the organisation.

NHS Grampian Charity is the official, legally-linked charity of NHS Grampian and is responsible for managing donations made by supporters to ensure they are used to provide benefit to staff and patients, to enhance services, and to provide support in communities across Grampian. It is the largest health charity in the North-east, and the fourth largest NHS charity fund in Scotland.

Dennis Robertson, Chair of NHS Grampian Charity Committee, says: “This is an exciting time for the charity as we launch our new name, our new brand and our new strategic plan for the future. We have worked with our colleagues in the NHS and with the wider Grampian community to develop a brand and a strategic roadmap which clearly lays out our commitment to enhancing healthcare in the North-east.

“NHS Grampian Charity was founded under the NHS (Scotland) Act 1978, and the health board has records of charitable endowments and their incredible impact dating back more than 250 years. We are proud of the work accomplished by the charity to date, and the real impact that it has had on people’s lives. Since its inception the charity has provided advanced equipment to treat patients, made clinical settings feel more relaxed and comforting for patients, supported enhanced training and development for staff, funded research projects into a range of medical conditions, funded community-led health and wellbeing projects, and much more.

“We are very grateful to those who continue to donate to NHS Grampian Charity, and their support will allow us to continue growing and developing the charity in line with current needs, and to provide targeted investment in a number of key areas, which will enhance the health of people across the region.”

As part of its new strategic aims, the charity plans to provide targeted investment in the following areas:

  • Staff Health, Wellbeing & Development
  • Research & Development
  • Enabling Wellbeing
  • Patient Experience
  • Transition & Innovation
  • Environment

The charity has strict criteria to make sure donations are only used to enhance the services that NHS Grampian provides, and not to replace statutory responsibilities.

Lisa Duthie, NHS Grampian Charity Lead, says: “Our new logo and brand have been designed by local social enterprise Foyer Graphics to clearly reflect who the charity is and what its purpose is. The logo is made up of three heart shapes to emphasise that the health of the people of Grampian is at the heart of what the charity is.

“The plus sign is made from two hearts in NHS Scotland colours, reflecting on the work done by the charity to enhance the work of our NHS, and the standalone heart represents the compassion and care the charity holds for our community.

“The charity has also adopted the strapline ‘Enhancing healthcare together’, to reflect its commitment to working alongside the NHS and community-led organisations for the health of the people of Grampian.”

As part of its strategic plans the charity has developed a social media presence and an updated website and newsletter, which will be used to share the work of the charity and its partners across the region. You can find out more by visiting: www.nhsgcharities.com

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