Children’s charity Denis Law Legacy Trust has unveiled their 2023 Annual Report, reflecting back on what has been a successful year of growth and impact.

Key highlights from the report include over 18,400 participations across all the Trust’s activities, 3677 hours of volunteering and the inaugural Volunteer Transfer with the ‘Class of 92’s’ charity, Foundation 92.

Denis Law Legacy Trust supports and empowers disadvantaged young people to thrive through a range of free-to-access programmes and activities.

Alistair Findlater, Chair, Denis Law Legacy Trust said “2023 has been another successful one for Denis Law Legacy Trust. On behalf of the board of Trustees and the team, thank you to all our partners, participants, volunteers and supporters for making 2023 so memorable for the Trust.”

Streetsport, Flagship Programme

Streetsport, Flagship Programme

Mark Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Denis Law Legacy Trust said “Last year placed many building blocks in position for the charity to thrive from in 2024. In our first-ever impact report we reflect back at those key milestones and look towards the future with the grand opening of the Cruyff Court Willie Miller and launch of our new programme.”

Read the full annual report here:

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