After the resounding success of Comic Con Scotland North East 2023, Monopoly Events is excited to announce the next phase of its expansion at P&J Live in Aberdeen on March 23 - 24, 2024.

The event will be moving from the exhibition halls into the P&J Live Arena which is a 50% increase on the existing footprint, meaning more space for attractions, prop builds and exciting guests.

Monopoly Events CEO, Andy Kleek, said: “We really enjoy building shows like this, and it is a joy to see them develop and flourish like our Liverpool show. We are truly committed to bringing Aberdeen a super show in the coming years that will rival anything in the world which we can and will deliver, but the biggest player in this game is you guys. If you want it you can have it, we will facilitate it but we need you to keep supporting this event the way you have been doing, tell your friends all about it and get them to follow us on socials, buy your tickets when they go on sale and we will do the rest."

Comic Con has established events across the UK including Edinburgh, Manchester, and Liverpool with huge stars such as Matt Smith, Jamie Campbell Bower and Taylor Lautner set to meet and greet fans.

Mr Kleek Added, “We have seen steady growth since 2022, the show was over 20% up on numbers and autograph and photograph spend was up over 20% which is the steady growth we are looking to achieve.”

Claire-Lena Miller-Davis, Exhibition Sales Manager at P&J Live said: “We are thrilled to see Comic Con Scotland (NE) return to P&J Live, bigger and better, in 2024! The show was a huge hit in 2022, and even more successful this time round with Saturday's show selling-out. With more space, the organisers hope to attract an even wider range of famous faces, movie props and unique merchandise next year, and with the support of the region’s comic con fanbase, we’re sure to see this exhibition grow over the years to come."

Tickets for Comic Con Scotland (NE) go on sale at 7pm on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at

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