Denholm MacNamee announces significant addition to fleet

A leading provider of innovative asset cleaning and decontamination solutions has announced a significant addition to its fleet of products.

Aberdeenshire-based Denholm MacNamee has invested in an additional hydraulic dozer system which will further enhance the company’s efficiency in its flourishing tank cleaning business.

The dozer system is a purpose-built tank cleaning tool for large diameter above ground crude oil storage tanks and is the proven fastest and most efficient way to carry out de-sludging operations – typical de-sludging rates of up to 200m³ per day can be achieved with an experienced operator. The complete system is also certified in accordance with the latest ATEX directives and the dozer itself is classified as a CAT 2 Group II item of equipment.

Commenting on the addition, Denholm MacNamee managing director Brian Ritchie said: “This extra dozer system will undoubtedly have benefits for our growing client base as we will have more top quality equipment ready to roll into action wherever and whenever it is needed thus enabling us to provide an even more efficient service. It will also capitalise on another revenue stream as the dozer systems will be offered for hire when not in use by us.”

As part of a corporate family with a history stretching back almost a century and a half, Denholm MacNamee is a leading one-stop provider of asset cleaning and decontamination solutions to the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation and utilities industries and works closely with customers to provide bespoke, uncompromising solutions which give the option to combine services whilst considering key issues such as cost and schedule delivery. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment backed by experienced, professional technicians to deliver solutions which are always tailored to the requirement of each client to ensure a bespoke service.

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