NFC’s/RFID, active and passive tags have been around for some time, however with recent developments in software, directly targeting multiple industries, clients no longer require separate systems to be compliant across sectors, divisions, and applications in their businesses.

Safety Inspection Compliance Services vast selection of tags align seamlessly with a software package that fits into all industries and applications. The systems were developed for planned maintenance and inspection programs to work in oil and gas production/exploration, marine, cranes, rigging and lifting equipment and accessories, working at height general, rope access, DSV’s, FPSO/FSO’s, facilities management, fabric maintenance, PAT testing, brewers, hotel chains, fire and safety inspection, hire equipment, to areas not generally thought of, such as music management production for global tours with bands, it really can fit all.

The software can be run with an API allowing it to tie in with your current systems or independently. The fact that the independent system if so versatile means that all asset management, inspection programs, audit programs and just knowing where everything is, the status of the asset and whether it is needing work, inspection, fit for use or in quarantine just all becomes simpler for the company all the way from the front end to the database with instant access and uploading with little effort or knowledge required. You can attach photos of the asset, certification, create your own checklists, etc, all which will be instantly uploaded with a full audit trail meaning compliance and management becomes transparent and streamlined.

In addition, a joint venture suppling Marlow Ropes, ISC Working at Height Equipment & Accessories and Xerify and other industry specific tags through their trusted partners means Safety Inspection Compliance Services (SICS) can find the solution to your challenges and save your company money in areas just accepted as normal expenditure.

All details and requests for a brochure and a presentation can be found on their website at

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