The founders of digital twins’ business, Digitising Reality, have launched a United States division after winning a series of contracts in the UK during the last six months.

From oil rigs and wind turbines to petrochemical plants and solar arrays, Digitising Reality can provide objective, methodical surveys of assets to produce highly-detailed, digital models to support safety planning and maintenance, reduce costs and manpower, and assist in asset integrity. The accuracy of which is within a few millimetres.

“We’ve been blown away by the interest and volume of work creating super accurate models on an array of assets in the North Sea,” said Richard Welton, Managing Partner and Chief Technology Officer. “Energy companies often struggle to assess assets and build a proactive inspection maintenance and examine issues on some of these large assets, so creating a digital twin that can be seen on a computer, or Augmented Reality headset, no matter where you are in the world, can save significant amounts of time, manpower and cost – not to mention making it safer for everyone.”

The business was launched by Welton in 2022 – a member of the Institute of Civil Engineers and American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing – and former newspaper executive, executive business consultant and investor, Damian Bates.

Appointed to the Digitising Reality team in the United States is Ed Davis, who will be responsible for helping establish the operation in Houston, manage the business development and marketing of the organization, and assist in recruiting pilots and other support staff as the business continues to grow.

“The business has just rocketed from a standing start and we’re building a very powerful portfolio of work and equipment that is really exciting,” said Bates, Digitising Reality’s Managing Partner and Chief Commercial Officer. “A number of our clients have operations both in the North Sea and Texas, and so it only makes sense for us to give our clients the ability to access our services on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Bates added: “I’ve known Ed for a long-time now, and adding him, his marketing and relationship expertise, and his international sensibility to our operation will only make us better.”

Collectively, Welton, Bates and Davis, have more than 75 years’ experience of running businesses of a variety of sizes. With the addition of Davis and the Houston operation, Digitising Reality now have a presence in two the major production areas in the North Sea and Texas.

About Digitising Reality

With more than two decades of experience in innovating process, technology, and uses in the remote-operated aerial vehicle space, Digitising Reality are the trusted partner for companies seeking the most detailed, highly accurate digital twin of their asset. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to handle any project, no matter how complex or challenging. For more information, visit

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