A shared mission to ensure that employees return home safely from work was the driving force behind a collaboration between Step Change in Safety and data science driven process safety firm, Empirisys.

Empirisys, which combines data science capabilities with a wealth of process safety, asset, operations and engineering experience, teamed up with Step Change in Safety to design, develop and deliver a survey to assess the maturity of process safety leadership across the offshore energy industry.

Empirisys deployed their in-house intelligent survey app ‘Sense’ as the platform on which to base the survey. Built around the 8 core principles of process safety, these translated into 8 themes, each with a set of questions to explore the principle in depth.

Emphasis was put on designing the survey to ensure it illicited reliable data. For example, devising the correct proportion of empirical and emotional questions is important to balance factual information with subjective sentiments.

The survey was completed by 450 people, most of whom were senior industry leaders from more than 70 companies. The scores were generally very positive, highlighting numerous areas of strength, including culture, clarity and competency; proactivity and sharing gained a significantly lower scoring.

That wealth of information was then analysed using machine learning and AI to produce a final report, jointly published and shared between Step Change in Safety and Empirisys.

To read the report visit: Step Change in Safety | Safety Resources

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