Eserv, a leading provider of 3D digital twin technology for complex industrial process plants, has announced the appointment of Miriam Blair as Product Marketing Manager.

As the company continues to grow and expand, Miriam's appointment was a strategic move to bring in an experienced marketing professional to help grow the business domestically and internationally. With over 12 years of experience marketing products and services, her diverse skill set and background in various business sectors in multiple countries make her the perfect candidate for this role.

Miriam is highly motivated, and her outstanding ability to deliver compelling marketing messaging and campaigns is incredibly valuable as eserv continues to grow into different markets.

Founded in 2015, the disruptive Aberdeen-based technology company has seen rapid growth and adoption of its proprietary software which creates a 3D digital replica of onshore and offshore process plants and consolidates various data sources which, when combined, provides a highly accurate, multi-layered digital twin. Miriam’s appointment will help accelerate the growth of the company.

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