Here are the top business stories making the headlines in the morning newspapers.

Ford launches hands-free driving

Ford drivers will legally be able to take their hands off the wheel after its BlueCruise technology has been approved in the UK.

Ministers have approved the "hands-off, eyes-on" technology for use on certain motorways.

It can control steering, acceleration and braking, but a camera will monitor a driver's eyes so they stay on the road.

The technology will only be available for 2023 models of its electric Mustang Mach-E SUV at first.

It can also keep a safe distance from other cars and even bring them to a complete stop in traffic jams, although it is only offered on a subscription basis.

The BBC says the first 90 days are included with the purchase of the £50,830 car, but drivers will then have to sign up for a monthly subscription.

Profits jump at Serica Energy

Serica Energy's takings soared in 2022 during a year of "outstanding progress" for the North Sea oil and gas firm.

Pre-tax profits were £488.2million, compared to £135.1million in 2021 - a year-on-year rise of 361%.

According to the Serica, takings were boosted by a "combination of increased production" from investment on the Rhum and Columbus fields as well as work on Bruce wells and high gas prices.

Energy Voice says revenues for the year stood at £812million, up from £514million in 2021, while average net production increased by 18% annually from 22,200 barrels of oil equivalent per day to 26,200.

Shetland's record year for cruise ships

A record cruise year for Shetland has opened with the arrival of the first of almost 150 ships which are expected this season

The 751ft Viking Venus - with about 900 passengers - berthed at Mair's Pier for a full-day visit on Thursday.

A record 147 cruise ships are scheduled this year, almost 50% up on the previous high of 99 set in 2019.

The BBC says it is anticipated the total number of passengers will be more than 100,000.

Six cruise ships will call during the visit by dozens of sailing vessels in the famous Tall Ships Races event this summer.

It will be the third time Lerwick has played a part in the sailing regatta. The isles previously hosted the event in 1999 and 2011.

The races are expected to visit Shetland, the only Scottish location, from July 26-29.

Chancellor warns on pay rises

The Chancellor has said it would be a "terrible mistake" to give pay rises above the rate of inflation, even though strikes are hitting the economy.

Jeremy Hunt said the impact of the junior doctors' strike on NHS patients in England was "regrettable".

But wage increases that fuelled inflation would have a "more damaging" impact on the UK economy, he said.

The BBC says junior doctors are calling for a 35% pay rise, to make up for 15 years of below-inflation wage rises.

M&S removes T-shirt from shelves

Marks and Spencer has removed a T-shirt from sale after a London pub chain accused it of "ripping off" its trademark name.

The T-shirt had the "Craft Beer Co" name in a graphic on the front and back.

M&S said it took "intellectual property very seriously" and added that its design was "in good faith".

The pub chain had tweeted the retailer on Thursday, writing: "What's the idea with these T-shirts!?"

It went on: "Can we expect a royalties cheque in the post!?

"Surely one Iconic British Institution shouldn't be ripping off another....!!"

The BBC reports that, after being approached for comment, M&S said it had taken the decision to remove the product from sale "so we can investigate further".

Dry-dock accident latest

Specialist cranes are on site of an Edinburgh dry dock as investigations continue into why a US Navy vessel toppled over, injuring 35 people.

The BBC says two large cranes have been placed at the port side of the 3,371-tonne Petrel, which tipped over on March 22.

It sparked a huge emergency operation at Imperial Dock in Leith, which is run by Aberdeen company Dales Marine Services

Both the Health and Safety Executive and Police Scotland said their investigations were continuing.

Fraud investigation

Administrators overseeing the closure of a firm suspected of supplying processed meat wrongly labelled as British have said they will support an ongoing fraud investigation.

Loscoe Chilled Foods, near Heanor, Derbyshire, made 120 staff redundant last month ahead of the appointment of advisory firm FRP.

It follows an ongoing probe by the National Food Crime Unit.

The BBC says three people have been arrested and released under investigation.

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