Trials of a special fuel treatment on board one of Peterhead Port Authority’s harbour vessels have dramatically reduced its carbon emissions.

Local company Enviroteck deployed an innovative nano-catalyst fuel treatment called CleanBoost to change the behaviour of fuel on the Flying Scud.

Over nine-week period carbon emissions declined by over 20%. At the same time, the product cleansed the vessel’s engine of old carbon deposits, yielding a much clearer exhaust.

PPA Harbour Master & Director of Port Operations, Ewan Rattray, said: “We have adopted a policy port-wide of substantially reducing our carbon emissions, and decided to stage this trial with the Flying Scud to assess the impact of fuel treatment technology.

“It has been a success not only in cutting emissions but in cleaning the vessel’s engine and saving on fuel costs overall.

“We will now fully assess all the results and consider whether to adopt the technology permanently on this and on our other port-based vessels.”

Omar Irvine, of Enviroteck, who conducted the trial, explained that emissions on the Flying Scud rose initially as the proprietary nano catalyst treatment began to clear carbon deposits from within the combustion chamber.

“However, as those were cleared and neutralised, emissions fell back substantially.

“Crucially, unlike many fuel additives, the unique nano catalyst treatment helps protect the engine by increasing lubricity lost with ultra-low-sulphur diesel and the use of additives and can be applied to any combustion engine.

“As well as the combustion chamber, it cleans fuel injectors, intake exhaust valves, fuel filters and tanks reducing maintenance and servicing costs.

“The cleaner your engine, the lower your emissions, saving on fuel consumption and service costs while increasing power.”

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