International training provider Survivex has announced two course accreditations for H2S safety training. The recent approvals were received from the International Association of Drilling Contractors Drilling Industry Training (IADC DIT) Scheme and are the latest in a long line of accreditations awarded to the Aberdeen based training company this year.

An extremely toxic chemical compound often described as smelling of rotten eggs, Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is frequently found in crude oil and natural gas production. It is around 20% heavier than air causing it to accumulate in low-lying areas and is colourless making it difficult to detect. Exposure to low concentrations can cause coughing, eye & throat irritation and sleepiness, whilst paralysis of the respiratory system may occur after a few seconds of exposure to high concentrations. H2S is also highly flammable and when burning can produce further toxic vapours such as Sulphur Dioxide (SO2).

The dangers associated with H2S and the increased risk which is present when working on offshore installations makes this essential training for persons operating in the energy sector. Aware of the importance of such training, Survivex developed comprehensive in-house courses to give delegates the essential information required to operate safely within environments which contain the gas.

The courses train delegates to correctly identify H2S, raise awareness of the effects it can have on human physiology, and teach safe methods of working with it. The one day course also covers the correct use and inspection of breathing apparatus.

The IADC DIT operates specially designed accreditation programmes that are recognised throughout the world. IADC DIT has assessed the course design, delivery and quality control of the two Survivex courses to ensure that contents adhere to recognised industry standards.

Andrew Green, Survivex CEO said, “We’re delighted to receive this accreditation from IADC DIT. Our internally developed training courses are produced by a select team of individuals with unique skills and extensive experience that comes from many years operating within the energy sector. However it’s important to have an internationally recognised stamp of approval to demonstrate to our clients the quality of training available at Survivex.

“Our aim is to save lives in one of the world’s harshest settings. Our courses are developed to equip delegates with the information they require to understand the nature of the environment they are in and provide them with the skills they need to keep themselves and their colleagues safe”.

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