Genoa Black launches strategic support for oil & gas sector

With 180 energy sector projects to date, and experience supporting oil and gas businesses through the previous downturn, Genoa Black has launched a strategic support programme for businesses as they navigate the challenges from the Coronavirus pandemic and falling oil prices.

Genoa Black’s Chaos to Clarity programme has been running throughout April, helping clients see beyond just survival and can offer sector specific support for the oil and gas industry.

The feedback to date has been very positive with client John Penman, managing director of Fife Fabrications, saying:

“The Chaos to Clarity programme has helped us see beyond simply surviving as a business. We can now take a high-level view of stakeholders and uncertainties, to keep on top of strategic actions.”

In addition, and as part of this programme, Genoa Black has developed a series of reports collating internal and external research to offer considered and thought-provoking insights.

The Chaos to Clarity: Energy report was published last week and focuses on minimising commercial impact and realising opportunities in the volatile energy market. With the Coronavirus pandemic bringing a huge drop in demand for oil & gas and its related products, the oil market has seen some of its lowest prices in decades.

Whilst many businesses may be focusing on cost-cutting, they may overlook other areas including their positioning, messaging and stakeholder needs, which if disregarded, may lead to a prolonged recovery when demand returns and activity in the sector picks up.

Claire Kinloch, managing partner at Genoa Black, said:

“During the last oil downturn, we often found clients in a dilemma between cutting costs and investing in the future of their business. We want to help our clients see a clearer picture – there is light at the end of the tunnel, but you have to be prepared for it.”

Genoa Black’s unique methodology helps guide clients through their strategic thinking process and address the specific challenges that every business leader must now, facing the impact of COVID-19 and sector downturn, pay close and considered attention to.

Please contact if you want to look beyond simply surviving the journey ahead.

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