Glencraft annouce the date of their annual Big Bed Ball.

With only three months to go, Glencraft has revealed that their annual Big Bed Ball will take place at the Marcliffe on Friday, February 15, 2019.

The event involves a great night of entertainment, including raffles, auctions, live music and of course a wonderful 3 course meal.

This event is Glencraft’s only fundraiser which usually raises around £20,000.

Since 1843, Glencraft has been manufacturing the finest, luxury mattress. Every Glencraft bed and mattress is built from the highest quality material, from individually coiled springs, felted wools, cottons, natural horsehair, alpaca, silks and cashmere which are handcrafted by skilled craftspeople, many of whom are disabled or disadvantaged.

Whilst processes have evolved over the years, Glencraft’s passion for manufacturing has endured the test of time and it is proud to use ethically-sourced materials when handcrafting mattresses at its Aberdeen-based factory.

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