How is COVID-19 affecting our most vulnerable?

The true impact of COVID-19 on some of society’s most vulnerable people and their caregivers is being explored through an international survey from researchers at the University of Aberdeen.

In collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast, the project hopes to provide rapid feedback to the NHS and charitable organisations about the current needs expressed by patients with cancer, precancerous conditions and rare diseases and those who help to care for them.

It is understood that caregivers and patients are experiencing a major impact of COVID-19 on their lives with health services forced to change in order to ensure the safety of patients.

The survey will assess the impact that these and other changes due to the coronavirus pandemic have had on caregivers and patients.

Working with healthcare providers, patients and researchers it is hoped that the immediate, medium and long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic on caregivers and patients with cancer, pre-cancerous conditions and rare disease can be identified.

The information obtained will be shared with doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers and charitable organisations to identify the best ways to support patients during this time.

Professor Lesley Anderson, chair in health data science at the University of Aberdeen, said: “We hope that by capturing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on caregivers and patient groups that we will be able to identify ways to help.

“Learning from the current situation will also help us to be better informed should similar circumstances occur in the future.

“We are particularly interested to hear from caregivers and patients with cancer, those with a condition that increases their risk of cancer such as MGUS, CIN or Barrett’s oesophagus and those with rare diseases.”

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