IFB connects first North-east businesses to high speed international connections network

Several businesses in the North-east are reaping the benefits of the first high speed ICT network connecting two key European data centre operators in Aberdeen and Norway.

The first Internet For Business (IFB) clients are now linked to the network that connects Norway’s Green Mountain's Data Centre to vessels in the North Sea, through Tampnet’s infrastructure.

Transferring international data in just 10 milliseconds, the network is delivered through a partnership between Aberdeen based ICT services provider and data centre operator IFB, its Norwegian counterpart Green Mountain AS, and the offshore communication giant, Tampnet.

Graeme Gordon, CEO of IFB says “Put simply our new service is specifically designed to improve operating efficiencies and reduce costs for our clients as the entire Oil and Gas industry is under pressure to do just this. We’ve already received a great deal of interest for the new service and are delighted to see the first clients taking advantage of the incredible connection speeds and improved latency to Norway, utilising the new network partnership between IFB, Tampnet and Green Mountain.”

Leading satellite communications provider ITC Global is one of the first businesses to take advantage of the new network. As the organisation delivers telecommunications and networking services to remote and harsh locations, it is essential that data can be transmitted quickly, safely and efficiently. The first of many projects, ITC Global will use the new connection to transmit data to a fleet of vessels in the North Sea channeled through IFB’s onshore hub and Tampnet’s infrastructure.

Another international business embracing the innovative service is independent drilling contractor, Dolphin Drilling. With the new Trans North Sea Link connecting Dolphin Drilling’s Aberdeen office to Green Mountain’s Data Centre in Norway, the company has improved latency for critical applications between both sites. In addition to this, the company can now access its business critical software application in under 15 milliseconds between the application and the end user, 75% less that alternative network connections.

Dolphin Drilling will also be connecting to the Aberdeen CORE network when it reaches Dyce early 2016, providing the company with gigabit and beyond capacity and full resilience across its networks.

IFB will continue connecting clients to the high capacity, low latency network throughout 2015 and 2016. For more information about the network benefits, visit www.ifb.net or call 0845 270 2101.

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