Information notice: Council Meetings

The ACC website contains the current position re committee meetings and we’ll ensure this is updated on an ongoing basis, Specifically, it states the following:

In response to the current COVID-19 situation, the Urgent Business Committee on 20 March agreed to cancel all Full Council, Committee, Sub-Committee and Working Group meetings from 23 March to 21 August 2020 inclusive, with the exception of:-

  • Urgent Business Committee;
  • Planning Development Management Committee; and
  • Appeals Sub-Committee, Business Rates Appeals Sub-Committee, Community Asset Transfer Review Sub-Committee and Licensing Sub-Committee.

The Urgent Business Committee will meet to make decisions on essential business, with the first meeting of the Urgent Business Committee being held on 6 May 2020.

The Licensing Board (which is concerned with licensing premises involved in the sale of alcohol and gambling) will meet only if there is business that requires to be dealt with.

In accordance with UK and Scottish Government guidance, meetings of the aforementioned Committees will be held remotely as required. In these circumstances the meetings will be recorded and thereafter published on the Council’s website.

You can access the recordings using the link under Related Links below.

The normal practice of publishing decisions online will also continue.

The calendar of meetings is also being updated and so would encourage media to look there for the meetings being held:

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