Aberdeen-based sales and marketing consultancy, Doqaru announce a large contract win alongside notable appointments for both directors.

Doqaru was awarded a significant client contract with International Real Estate Partners (IREP), assisting them in aligning their sales and marketing activities.

IREP, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, are a powerful combination of custom solutions, unrivalled technology and a truly global presence. Their main aim is to transform the business operations of international companies through technology, big data and expert knowledge.

Due to substantial and rapid growth, scaling from 10 entities to more than 49 (and counting) in countries across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Europe, in a matter of eight years, resulted in the need to focus on their sales and marketing efforts.

Head of sales and marketing at IREP, Fiona Feldermann, comments on the new contract: “I’m familiar with the work Doqaru do as I’ve been working with them for a few years, and I’ve always been delighted with their results. Their focus is strategic and does not avoid delivering on set objectives measured by clearly defined KPIs. This analytical approach ensures that IREP will meet its key sales and marketing objectives as we look to expand on our growth.”

This win comes after several international wins in Germany and the US.

Co-founding director, Sarah Downs notes: “This international contract with IREP brings Doqaru into the facilities management and real estate marketplace. This is new and exciting for us!”

Doqaru will assist IREP in their continued growth by evaluating and enhancing their sales and marketing strategy, providing sales training and implementing any recommendations from the initial strategy sessions. They will be working closely with Fiona and her marketing team at IREP to support sales, business development and manage their corporate brand.

Alongside the new client contract, both directors of Doqaru have achieved incredible roles out with the business. In June, Sarah Downs was appointed as Chair of the Aberdeen Brand of Institute of Directors (IoD). Her role entails supporting local members and organising inspirational and valuable business events with the help of the volunteer committee and IoD staff.

Yekemi Otaru, co-founding director, more recently started her role as chancellor-elect at the University of West Scotland (UWS) at the beginning of September. As Chancellor, Yekemi will hold formal powers to confer degrees, diplomas, and other academic distinctions and represent UWS at key events as an advocate and dignitary.

"There’s a lot to look forward to,” Yekemi says. “We’ve manoeuvred through one of the most difficult times for business and have recorded an increase of 78% in revenue compared to this time last year. We’ve hired new staff in this time, acquired new clients and we continue to thrive. Overall, it’s a very exciting time for Doqaru.”

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