IT equipment collection to support Aberdeen charity

XS Resources (XSR) and Community Food Initiatives North East (CFINE) are announcing a brand new, circular economy service on November 30, 2018 for Aberdeen City and Shire. As part of the XS Tech project, donated unwanted, functional IT equipment will be collected free of charge.

CFINE will collect the equipment straight from offices. After storing it securely the equipment will be handed over to Re-Tek who will securely wipe all information on the machines and sell the machines for profit, part of which will be donated to CFINE.

Re-Tek are the industry leaders in all aspects of decommissioning, data erasure, asset re-use and recycling. They offer a secure, environmentally sustainable method of asset retirement. Re-Tek have a 20-year record of working with large companies and UK government organisations.

CFINE will receive part of the profits generated through the re-sale of the guaranteed wiped computer equipment. They will use the funds to reinvest into their community support services. CFINE improves health and well-being and the environment, tackles poverty and builds resilience through a range of support and services for and with disadvantaged, vulnerable, low income individuals, families and communities in NE Scotland.

Collections will take place every Friday, commencing November 30, 2018. To book a collection, please click here.

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