Kraken Robotics Inc announces since undertaking its first seabed survey project in Taiwan three years ago, it has supported the installation of over 1.8GW of green energy through the use of the innovative 3D acoustic Sub-Bottom ImagerÔ (SBI).

With a 10 plus year track record and more than 30,000 kilometres of high-resolution seabed surveys for offshore energy, Kraken has provided services for major offshore developers and contractors such as Ørsted, Scottish Power Renewables, Scottish and Southern Energy, RWE, Equinor and Vattenfall. From our initial activities mainly in Europe, Kraken has more recently expanded to support projects in the US and Asia Pacific, including Australia and Taiwan.

Taiwan has an ambitious target of generating 5.6GW of green energy by 2025, and Kraken has been in country supporting this energy transition from an early stage, having supported the cable installation projects from 2021onwards, providing cable burial assessment and highlighting areas of remedial trenching requirements.

Following successful projects, Kraken’s SBI has been recognised as the ideal cable assessment survey sensor for other regional projects which require cables to be buried deeper into the seabed providing protection from vessel traffic and mobile seabed sediments. By imaging to five metre burial depth, the SBI enabled these projects to image the entirety of the cable network, confirming their depth and thus their protection.

With successful offshore wind development projects to date relying on Kraken’s technologies, Taiwan has reached their 1.8GW milestone early in 2024. With support from other Scottish-Based companies such as Motive Offshore, who have local personnel and facilities, Kraken has been able to maintain SBI units in Taiwan, storing and maintaining them when not in use offshore.

With more projects on the horizon, Kraken’s supported total will surpass 3GW in 2025, representing over 50% of installed capacity in Taiwan, all of which will have been during the construction phase. As windfarms complete construction and enter the operational and maintenance phase, additional cable inspections are required periodically throughout the operational life of the windfarm, providing future market opportunities.

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