The Labour Party is set to ditch its pledge to spend £28b a year on green energy in another major U-turn ahead of the general election.

The announcement - which is expected to be made today by Sir Keir Starmer - comes just three days after he told Times Radio: "We’re going to need ­investment. That’s where the £28 billion comes in. That investment is ­desperately needed for that mission and I’ve been unwavering in relation to mission clean power by 2030."

It's understood that the Green Prosperity Plan - which includes building a publicly-owned clean energy company in Scotland - won't be scrapped altogether.

The rollback follows weeks of attacks from Rishi Sunak on the policy, suggesting that investing so much money will only lead to higher taxes.

Reports also suggest a rift in the Labour Party, with shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves arguing against the pledge behind closed doors, warning that it could damage attempt's to show the party as fiscally responsible.

Suggestions of tension among the Labour frontbenches grew last week when Ms Reeves failed to mention the £28b figure in an interview with Sky News, despite being asked 10 times.

It's expected that Mr Starmer will blame the U-turn on uncertain finances in his draft election manifesto, which will be released later today.

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