Legasea selected for £10m ocean outdoor SME advertising fund

Aberdeenshire start-up company, Legasea, has been selected as part of the £10 million Ocean Outdoor SME fund, which has been established to give businesses and brands access to advertising space across Ocean digital screens.

The aim of the fund is to help support and stimulate businesses, jobs and the local economies in the cities where Ocean operates.

The advertisement campaign will feature during May, on up to 52 screens, across prominent locations throughout Scotland, and will create widespread awareness of Legasea’s innovative and sustainable services for the energy sector.

Examples of these digital screens include:

  • Aberdeen – Market Street (Union Square)
  • Dundee – Marketgait
  • Edinburgh – Airport Arrivals & Departures
  • Glasgow – Hydro Arena

Ocean Outdoor UK joint managing directors Phil Hall and Steve George said: “Brands, retailers and SMEs need to continue to market themselves, so our message is do not go dark. Previous crises have seen a reasonably rapid return to ‘normality’ for strong brands – and research from Kantar shows that stronger brands recover nine times faster. However, for many SMEs, income streams and operating costs are under incredible strain. Ocean hopes to alleviate some of that stress through this fund. If we can leverage our network to help keep businesses and local economies going, or kick-start them even, then that can only be a good thing.”

Legasea operations director, Ray Milne, said: “The opportunity that has been provided to us is incredible, and we really appreciate being given the chance to promote our organisation to a wider audience. Since establishing the company last year, we have been gradually expanding the business, providing equipment and services to a broad range of clients. All of us at Legasea are looking forward to getting back on track, and continuing this growth in future. These are challenging times for all SMEs and being provided with such support is something that we are extremely grateful for.”

About Legasea

Legasea is dedicated to making the oil and gas industry more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Offering an alternative route for recovered subsea production systems, or excess inventory, Legasea takes liability and ownership for decommissioned subsea equipment, making it safe, clean and disassembling it to its component parts.

Reusable parts are then used to fulfil the demand for urgent spares when crucial production is at risk during routine preventative maintenance or when a failure is encountered subsea.

To find out more about Legasea, please visit https://www.legasealtd.com/

About Ocean Outdoor

Having created the Digital Out of Home (DOOH) category in 2005, Ocean has pioneered, driven and established DOOH to be the engaging media channel that it is today, accounting for circa 50% of all OOH spend.

Ocean delivers an advertising channel that exceeds the traditional OOH market through merging the inherent branding strengths of OOH and enhancing through location, audience, research, data and unique technology.

Ocean is the pioneer in DOOH advertising technology, leading a new wave of creative solutions through its Ocean Labs division including proprietary solutions such as Vehicle Detection Technology, SimplyFi (Wi-Fi Sponsorship), LookOut Facial Detection Technology and Augmented Reality

To find out more about Ocean Outdoor, please visit https://oceanoutdoor.com/

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