LR Senergy and PEAK collaborate

Global energy services companies LR Senergy and PEAK Ltd have entered into a collaborative partnership, aiming to help operators of producing assets improve their unit operating costs.

J. Hargreaves, M.Douglas

J. Hargreaves, M.Douglas

The initiative sees the two independent companies combining their knowledge and experience to provide clients with optimisation options across their energy projects, from reservoir, through well stock and facilities, to the point of export.

Together, LR Senergy and PEAK will work with operators to identify specific improvement measures which:

  • Increase production potential
  • Minimise losses (improving production efficiency) and
  • Minimise extraneous OPEX

Murray Douglas, Head of development solutions with LR Senergy, said: “LR Senergy and PEAK make a strong pairing. Together we have a great deal of experience in operating assets and brownfield modifications which we can utilise to support our clients improve the commercial performance of their producing assets.

“In our experience, most if not all assets would benefit from such optimisation exercises. Greater margins are there to be had. But given the ongoing low oil price this is clearly a good place to look to improve asset cash flow with minimal investment of time and resources.

“Having been involved in multiple projects including asset transfer and duty holder contracts, we have good visibility of what constitutes best practice and provides cross-asset learning from an independent point of view on such issues as plant and well stock management to OPEX optimisation.”

The companies’ combined skillsets span multi-discipline topside engineering, integrated subsurface disciplines including reservoir engineering and inflow modelling, production chemistry, flow assurance and production technology.

With LR Senergy’s trademark Wellscope™ high definition computational fluid dynamics (CFD) inflow modelling technology and dynamic flow assurance skills, it is possible to simulate well fluid flow from within the reservoir, up the well bore and through the topside process. This provides asset managers with the ultimate production optimisation tool.

Managing director at global consultancy PEAK, Dr John Hargreaves, said: “Our case studies have shown that almost all assets have room for improvement. The ability to work across disciplines holistically in a focus team is the most effective way of addressing lift cost and will benefit 90% of assets.

“By working hand in hand with the asset operators, we are able to make the most not only of available data, but also the knowledge which resides in the various operating teams. Our approach is not purely analytic, but also practical. We frequently find that operators are aware of specific issues or focus areas and we help to resolve or optimise them to best effect.”

Dr Hargreaves will be speaking at Oil & Gas UK’s 2015 annual conference which runs from June 17 to 18 at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre with this year’s theme being Maximising Economic Recovery UK; The Next 40 Years. He will participate in a Late Life Asset Management conference session on June 18.

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