Meal vouchers available for pupils eligible for free school meals

Supermarket vouchers are to be given to parents or guardians of pupils eligible for free school meals so they do not have to make a journey into schools.

The move will ensure children and young people will get access to the food and nutrition they need during coronavirus, while allowing social distancing to be better observed.

The scheme will mean vouchers to the value of £25 for each child will be issued for a 10-day period, the value per day being higher than the current price of a school meal.

Vouchers will be issued fortnightly, also covering what would have been the upcoming two-week Easter holiday period.

Vouchers will be emailed to parents or guardians who have provided an email address to their school and by text message where only a mobile telephone number is held. Any eligible parents or guardians who do not have access to email or a mobile phone should phone the Virtual School Helpline for help on 01224 523322.

The scheme is due to start on Monday 6 April and parents or guardians will be directly contacted about the vouchers. For the remainder of this week, free school meals will continue to be provided at schools.

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