A shortage of new aeroplanes could force a surge in the price of airline tickets of up to 10%, warns the boss of Ryanair.

Michael O'Leary said the low-cost airline is budgeting on a fare increase of "5-10%".

He added: "It could be higher...it could be lower...we don't really know".

Problems at Boeing have been ongoing in 2024 following a part that fell off an Alaska Airlines aircraft earlier this year.

O'Leary said US air safety regulators are halting the production of the airliner until they are satisfied the company has sorted out its quality control problems.

Ryanair is expected to recieve 57 new Boeing 737s by summer, however O'Leary admits it could be as low as 35.

On the current issues with the manufacturer, he said: "Just silly small things, none of which really we believe affect safety, but it’s indicative of the poor approach to quality control on the line and Boeing needs to fix it."

He added: "If we could get all 57 aircraft deliveries from Boeing in advance before the end of June we would make out like bandits all summer long because we have airports at the moment beating the door down to us."

The company's forecast for the year end March 2025 is that it will carry 205 million passengers.

But O'Leary said: "With less aircraft, maybe we’ll have to bring that 205 million down towards 200 million passengers."

FTSE 100

The UK's flagship share index, the FTSE 100, was xxxxxxx shortly after opening this morning.

Brent crude oil futures was down 0.20% today, trading at $81.46 a barrel.

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