An MP has raised security fears over a Chinese firm's involvement in North Sea windfarm developments.

The SNP's Stewart McDonald said handing a major part of Scotland's renewable energy sector to an "entity from a hostile state" would not be in the UK's economic or energy interests.

Mingyang Smart Energy Group was given "priority status" in offshore projects.

The Scottish government said it was a decision by the industry and foreign firms undergo "rigorous due diligence".

Mr McDonald told BBC Scotland he had concerns about involving Mingyang.

He said: "We are handing over such important capability to the net-zero transition to an entity that comes from an authoritarian and hostile state at a time when the European Union and other countries are going in a different direction.

"Just this week the EU launched its anti-trust investigation into Chinese turbine manufacturers.

"This very company that's going to be setting up here in Scotland was declined by our Norwegian neighbours recently for a similar project."

Mingyang was listed among eight priority projects in the Strategic Investment Model scheme for international developers to build wind farms on the North Sea.

It is China's largest wind turbine firm and sells a range of "typhoon resistant" turbines.

It plans to supply support equipment to North Sea wind farms.

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