An Aberdeen based luxury chauffeur business launched in March 2020 realised very quickly their business model would need to adapt and change. The local and global challenges related to the downturn in the oil and gas sector and CV19 pandemic and a conversation with a friend drove that decision.

Directors Mark Cochrane and Peter Morrison are retired police officers whose vision was to create a luxury ground transportation service within the north of Scotland but with a unique USP.

The target market In particular was the VIP / executive and corporate area, whilst also retaining a reach into luxury touring and bespoke experiences.

With more than 60 years public service, including royalty, VIP and close protection experience, combined with their advanced driving skills lends itself to providing excellent customer service, safety and discretion is at the heart of what they do. The pair believed this USP was unique in their sector and in the geographical area.

As they launched the world changed but a conversation Mark had with a friend inspired them to adapt and highlight the advantages of using Vchauffeur to provide a professional covid secure luxury transport option.

“Implementing measures to ensure client and driver safety and mitigate risk were at the forefront of our offering, which includes pre boarding briefing of passengers, perspex separation screening, temperature testing, hand sanitising prior to boarding and ensuring face coverings are worn by passengers throughout the journey,” he said.

“In addition, we commissioned a chartered HSE expert to develop our risk assessment which led to the development of a cleansing protocol and checklist, providing an audit trail of the cleansing regime for our vehicles.

“Dedicating one vehicle to one client within a 24 hour period further limits additional health risks and confirms our approach to safety goes beyond what may be provided elsewhere.”

In recognition of the challenges faced by businesses throughout the North-east and beyond, the Vchauffeur pricing model is based on an all inclusive rate, with no mileage or additional costs for cleansing, making it simple and cost effective for clients.

“As a result, several oil and gas sector companies chose Vchauffeur for a variety of urgent requests, local and long distance medivac transfers as well as the downmanning of a drilling rig from Invergordon,” added Mark.

“The overriding response and feedback received centred around the approach towards safety, the professionalism, flexibility and reliability and cost effective service.

“Consequently other work transpired involving transfers locally and throughout the UK, with our passengers reassured they can still travel in luxury with the confidence their health and safety is the priority.”

Vchauffeur is focused on becoming the luxury chauffeur service of choice for the VIP and executive market in the north of Scotland.

“We recognise this is an extremely difficult time across all sectors so have been delighted that in just five months of operating, Vchauffeur is gaining a reputation relevant to the high standards we set.

“Our group of drivers, also retired police officers, were chosen because they have the required skills and experience to work for us and accordingly we intend to maintain those standards. A recent example highlighted how these skills can be put to good use, when subcontracted to transport a UK Secretary of State on a visit to the area. This was a great opportunity and learning experience for us as a new business.”

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