Two new polls show voters still haven't made their mind up ahead of the next general election.

An Ipsos poll, ran in partnership with STV, shows that of the 658 people surveyed that said they're likely to vote at the next general election, 40% say they'll vote for the SNP.

That result would put them on course for 44 seats in Westminster, while Labour would win just nine, despite taking home nearly a third (30%) of the vote share. The Conservatives (15%) and Liberal Democrats (6%) would win just two seats each.

However, just hours later Redfield and Wilton Strategies’ monthly Scottish politics tracker suggested that Labour would take home 36% of the vote share, 2% more than the SNP.

Both polls also showed mixed messages on independence

The Ipsos poll showed, of the 811 Scots that said they would be likely to vote in a referendum, 54% would vote 'Yes'.

It was a different story in the days other poll, however, with just 46% saying they'd vote for an independent Scotland while 48% said they wouldn't. The other 6% said they don't know how they would vote.

Yousaf vs Sarwar

The man in charge of Scottish Labour is the only leader in Scotland and the UK to receive a positive net satisfaction rating from the Ipsos poll. 40% say they're satisfied with his job at the helm of the party, while 37% are dissatisfied, giving him a rating of +3.

Little more than a third (35%) are satisfied with the job Humza Yousaf is doing as First Minister during his first year in the role, however nearly half (48%) are dissatisfied, giving him a rating of -13.

The most damming rating is for the Prime Minister, with less than one in five Scots (19%) satisfied with the job he's doing, compared to 72% saying they're dissatisfied, meaning he rates at -57.

Douglas Ross received a rating of -27, while Sir Keir Starmer's is -20.

Again, in full contrast to the days other poll, Redfield and Wilton's tracker suggest more people (33%) would be happy to have Yousaf as First Minister than Sarwar (29%)

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