As the Aberdeen CORE build gathers pace and construction in the city centre is completed, two new ISPs, Commsworld and Converged Communication Solutions, have joined launch partner Internet For Business (IFB) to offer ultra-fast connectivity internet services to business in the city. Their entry introduces choice and competition into the local market, ensuring businesses benefit from a wholesale and open-access Gigabit City network.

Recently launching their new headquarters and data centre in Altens, IFB is currently converting a strong pipeline of businesses looking to connect to the CORE as the network reaches their areas. IFB has already connected its first customers to the CORE network and is providing live, ultra-fast connectivity services to sites including one of Scotland’s leading independent schools Albyn School, and So Cafe, one of the newest venues in the city centre.

Commsworld, a major Scottish ISP and CityFibre’s launch partner on its Edinburgh CORE network project, has now introduced its own pure fibre services in Aberdeen. Launching a marketing and sales campaign and hiring a regional business development lead to focus on the city, it is already taking orders from new and existing customers in the city. Twenty-six businesses have already signed up and will soon be benefiting from multi-gigabit speeds including Veripos and Arnold Clark.

Providing further choice for Aberdeen’s business community, Converged, an ISP with 10 years’ experience building innovative communication solutions for businesses is now also offering services in Aberdeen. Connections across the Aberdeen CORE will extend its own fibre network across the city.

Aberdeen remains on course to become one of the most digitally advanced regions in the UK as CityFibre’s Aberdeen CORE network reaches completion in the city centre. CityFibre is now embarking on the next stage of deployment, extending into areas including the Harbour, Altens, Tullos, Dyce and the Bridge of Don. The addition of these new partners demonstrates the demand for Gigabit speed internet and will enable the network to grow and serve more and more businesses.

The precise network route and coverage is being determined by demand from the business community. Companies are encouraged to register their interest on the Aberdeen CORE website and to spread the word to neighbouring businesses to ensure the network reaches their premises or business park as the build continues.

Registration is no obligation to take service, but by registering, organisations can signal their desire to be included in the network route. Registered businesses will also be checked for eligibility for a government voucher scheme offering grants of up to £3,000 to connect.

Commenting on the growing momentum, James Thomas, operations director of CityFibre, said: “CityFibre’s goal remains to provide towns and cities with a future-proof, pure fibre infrastructure to give companies a gigabit speed advantage in a digital world. We’re delighted to have two more significant partners in Commsworld and Converged join the Aberdeen CORE. Together with IFB, they will provide businesses with an increasing choice of next generation connectivity services driving customer value and service take-up throughout the city.”

Graeme Gordon, CEO of IFB, said: “IFB now have our first live customers on the Aberdeen CORE network. With the network build advancing and growing, we continue to migrate Aberdeen businesses to the brand new fibre network, enabling IFB to truly future proof our clients at a level not commercially or technically viable before.”

Ricky Nicol, CEO of Commsworld, said: "We've seen a huge amount of interest in the Gigabit City project in Aberdeen from both our existing customer base and new clients recognising the huge benefits they will gain from the internet speeds offered. So far 26 businesses have signed up to the network through Commsworld, which is far more than we had expected at this stage and this number is increasing rapidly. This level of demand is a huge endorsement for CityFibre and the project, but also demonstrates how important network speed and capacity is to the business community in Aberdeen."

Neil Christie, technical director of Converged, said: “Having witnessed the positive impact that CityFibre’s networks have had in cities across the UK, we are extremely pleased to now offer our own next generation businesses services over the Aberdeen CORE. This project and the introduction of accessible ultra-fast services is significantly improving the connectivity landscape in the region as a whole and crucially, it is providing businesses with vital flexibility at this challenging time in the oil and gas sector.”

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