DeltaTek, an Expro Company picked up the Inspiration from Innovation award at this year's Northern Star Business Awards, and were presented the title by sponsors Port of Aberdeen.

Delta Tek Global was launched in 2015 by founder and CEO Tristam Horn in response to the growing need for efficiently implemented, intelligent, cost-saving and risk-reducing products for the subsea market.

The company is on a passionate mission to deliver “ultimate cement placement” using cleverly-engineered technology. It specialises in well construction and has developed pioneering technologies which are deployable to all well operations projects.

Having identified problems in the well construction process, Tristam saw a gap in the market for a simple system designed to optimise cement jobs and take land cementing techniques to the subsea market.

SeaCure®, a revolutionary subsea cementing system was created, and is the company’s flagship technology. It delivers stabbed-in, inner string cementing services for subsea wells and eliminates shoe tracks, improves drill out performance and removes the need for remedial cementing techniques. This results in significant time and cost savings in addition to operational benefits to operators.

DeltaTek, which was recently acquired by energy services provider Expro, has taken inspiration from the industry and has enhanced existing techniques and applied them to the subsea sector to create solutions which are changing the way wells are constructed.

Over the last five years, DeltaTek has successfully completed 35 patent applications and received 12 grants, an indication that its innovative solutions will show continued growth in global markets.

DeltaTek Global has more than doubled its UK footprint recently and also established a US operational base. It has formed partnerships with firms worldwide to support the continued global distribution of its disruptive technology. Its innovative solutions are set to continue maturing and delivering operations around the globe in Norway, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, the Americas and African markets.

Its success is based on team effort from the initial idea to the design, implementation, route to market and right through to the commercial trials which take place.

DeltaTek’s 15-strong team has a great breadth of knowledge and experience which contributes to the commercial success of the business.

With only one chance at a primary cement job, and ineffective cementation being one of the biggest contributors to cost over-runs, poor life of well integrity and ultimate failure of well objectives, Delta Tek sees the key to being recognised as an industry leader as education around the advancements in drilling. DeltaTek believes a focus on technology, collaboration and people is required to keep the industry moving forward.

The finalists

The other finalists in the category were:

  • Deep Casing Tools
  • Delmar Systems Limited
  • Fennex
  • North East Scotland College

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