Online exhibition has started into proposed design for missing cycle link in Dyce area

An online exhibition has started to find out people’s views into the proposed design for a ‘missing’ cycling link between the existing cycleway on Wellheads Drive and Dyce train station.

The new shared section would be encouraging people to use active travel (cycling, or walking) in the area and particularly to and from Dyce railway station, Aberdeen International Airport, Victoria Street in Dyce, and industrial and business premises in Wellheads Industrial Estate. It will also benefit people who take public transport to the City Council’s new multi-million-pound TECA arena, conference and exhibition spaces when it opens next summer.

The new link will extend the existing shared cycleway along Wellheads Drive to link in with Farburn Terrace at the roundabout, and will create a shared cycleway around the roundabout, along Farburn Terrace (east) to Victoria Street and Farburn Terrace northwards towards the railway station.

The online exhibition and survey of the proposed design are available for people to view here and closes on January 28, 2019.

Aberdeen City Council transportation spokesman Councillor Ross Grant said: “This is one of several cycling schemes which have been made public recently by Aberdeen City Council and I hope people who live or work in the Dyce area will take time out of a short part of their day to look and comment on the designs.

“I’d encourage as many people as possible to look at the proposed design and give feedback on it.”

The design includes extending the existing 3m wide shared cycleway on Wellheads Drive northwards to the roundabout requiring the existing pavement to be upgraded and redetermined to a 3m wide shared cycleway.

It would also mean the roundabout is to be re-designed to create space for an off-carriageway peripheral 3.5m shared cycleway.

Another aspect of the design is the speed limit on Farburn Terrace (north) would be reduced to 20mph, as it has a narrow carriageway and pavements which limits the opportunities to create a segregated cycling facility, however, low traffic volumes coupled with a new 20mph speed limit will provide a suitable route for cycling.

On Farburn Terrace (east), the existing pavement would be widened and made into a 3m wide shared cycleway to Victoria Street, with the exception underneath the railway bridge which wouldl be 1.8m.

Funding was secured by Aberdeen City Council from Sustrans and Nestrans to develop the detailed design for the shared cycleway. The section is part of the City’s Active Travel Action Plan designed to improve cycling and walking facilities and routes.

The next stage of this project will be to finalise the detailed design, purchase land, promote a Redetermination Order, and secure funding for implementation.

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