Packed Up is excited to announce their newest additions to their team, Hannah Goonan and Mike Ogg.

Hannah, who has taken on the role of Sales and Marketing Coordinator. With over a decade of experience in marketing and working with children, Hannah brings a unique perspective to the organisation.

Hannah began her career as a Marketing Assistant at a local Marine company, where she spent four years honing her skills and learning the ins and outs of the marketing world. However, after having two sons, she decided to take a break from the corporate world and instead, work with children with additional needs for the next six years.

Now, Hannah is ready to embark on a new chapter in her career with Packed Up. "It's very different from what I am used to, however, I am thrilled to join the Packed Up team and continue to grow with the company," says Hannah. "I am so excited for this next chapter in my career, and I can't wait to see what the future holds with Packed Up,"

"We are thrilled to welcome Hannah to our team. Her unique perspective and experience will be invaluable in developing and executing our marketing strategies," says Packed Up's Director Samantha Wright.

With Hannah's addition to the team, Packed Up is confident in their ability to reach new heights. Her skills and passion align perfectly with the company's mission to provide superior service and solutions to their clients.

Mike, an experienced Chef with a 40-year offshore cooking history, has joined the warehouse team. Mike initially served briefly as a Chef for Mackie's of Scotland before being recruited by Packed Up.

“I am elated to have the opportunity to work for this ever-expanding company, and I look forward to using my skills to contribute to its continued success,” said Mike, who is delighted to be part of Packed Up's dynamic and high-paced mission.

Mike has been an excellent addition to the warehouse team, always putting in the time and effort to ensure he gets the job done accurately and efficiently. His competent work ethic has not gone unnoticed by his colleagues, whom he frequently amuses with his jokes and great sense of humour. Consequently, Mike was voted as Packed Up's Employee of the Month in recognition of his hard work and dedication.

“Mike's presence has brought a new level of energy to our team. His dedication to his craft and professionalism in the workplace have been a great asset to our organisation,” said Packed Up Founder Sean McConochie.

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