Premier Corex are pleased to announce they have achieved the Environmental Management Systems (EMS) ISO 14001:2015 certification from the British Standard Institute (UKAS accredited). The certification shows the company is taking a balanced and forward-looking approach to health, safety, and the environment as they work actively work towards transforming the company to be a leader in the clean energy transition.

With over 45+ years of experience providing specialist laboratory services across the oil and gas sector, Premier Corex now lead the way in adapting their core business interests and capabilities to areas of the energy transition, particularly carbon capture, storage & utilization (CCUS).

Stephen Anthony, VP International at Premier Corex, said:

“Renewable and low carbon areas such as natural gas, gas storage, hydrogen, geothermal, and waste storage are all subjects where knowledge of geological reservoirs (and how to examine them) are a critical aid in successfully approaching the energy transition. Here, there are areas of uncertainty that - if the right studies are carried out - can significantly improve understanding, compatibility, injectivity and reduce environmental risk. Core and fluid analysis lets us understand reservoir properties, capacity, petrophysical properties, seal capacity, and seal integrity.

"Exposure to carbon dioxide examines whether reservoir and seal properties or integrity change with time. Compatibility and injectability studies look at interactions with specific reservoirs to help expose potential risks like scaling, fines migration, and loss of injection. Finally, minimising damage when reservoirs are drilled or converted is key to maximising injectivity, and these can all be examined in detail in high-tech laboratory studies. In fact, we have already been able to apply our knowledge in recent renewable’s projects in the North Sea, Europe, United States and Southeast Asia with great success.”

In 2023 the company rebranded globally under the name Premier Corex. Randal Wichuk, CEO of Premier Corex said:

“As globally recognised specialists in rock and fluid analysis & interpretation within the energy sector, focused on improving recovery, we are excited to unify our employees under this new name and gain recognition for the work we are doing to manage environmental risks and reduce our carbon emissions. We believe the name Premier Corex reflects our commitment to service our clients in a continuously evolving energy industry and our pledge to be leaders in global energy transition and sustainability whilst remaining true to our core.”

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