Aberdeen City councillors have agreed to undertake a public consultation on the proposed relocation of St Peter’s School.

The agreed proposal is of the relocation of St. Peter’s to the Riverbank school building once the new Riverbank replacement school is completed.

As part of an internal review officers considered various investment options to the Riverbank School building and have proposed investment option 4.

Option 4 does include:

  • Improved teaching classrooms/ breakout spaces
  • Internal & external redecoration
  • Upgrade of toilets that didn’t form part of extension and refurbishment works in 2012
  • Window replacement that didn’t form part of 2012 extension and refurbishment works
  • Upgrade of car park/drop off/set down areas
  • ICT upgrade
  • New furniture
  • Catering Kitchen upgrade
  • New 4G all-weather pitch
  • Adjustments to Nursery area
  • External works (including drainage upgrade).

Councillor John Wheeler, education operational delivery convener, said: “This is an important step forward in securing the long-term of St Peter’s School in an enhanced environment for pupils and staff alike.”

The primary school is currently at maximum capacity and the preferred option will alleviate the problem.

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