With over forty years of diagnostic experience Randox is globally recognised as being at the forefront of diagnostic capability. Its growing network of clinics provide easy access for millions to a new Randox Health range of tests.

Randox Health recognise that everyone is unique, especially when it comes to their health – because of this they cover all bases by looking at key health areas, including heart, liver, kidney, thyroid, and diabetes health and providing real-time insights on current and future health risks.

Their aim is to give patients the tools and knowledge they need to take control of their own health. This means helping them to identify risk factors as soon as possible, even before any symptoms occur – and then take science-based steps to improve their long-term health.

Popular testing available at the mobile clinic will include male and female hormone testing which measure eight key hormones to detect any possible hormone imbalances which can affect mood, weight, or energy levels. These tests are available from £39.

Randox Health’s easy-to-interpret health reports provide a breakdown of your results, and what they mean. All tests also come with a phone discussion with a Randox Scientist an optional GP consultation.

Additional services include the Randox Health Corporate Services, which provides a unique health and wellbeing programme that will benefit you and your employees, improving the productivity of your business.

Randox Health understands the importance of improving the health of your workforce. Their mission is to enhance your business with a tailored health programme to suit your organisational needs.

Corporate Health packages include:

  • The Vital – Understand your health baseline by reviewing vital areas, including diabetes, heart health, and body composition analysis.
  • Insight – With the Insight health package, proactively monitor and improve your health. Measure up to 150 data points across key health areas, including hormonal, nutritional, and digestive health.
  • Executive – The comprehensive health package is curated to deliver real-time insights on your current health and future health risks. The Executive measures up to 350 data points relating to key health areas. You will receive a personalised report containing important information about your hormonal, nutritional, heart, stress, and sexual health. The report also includes tests for tumour-associated markers, autoimmune conditions, genetic testing for inherited conditions, and an optional ECG. A GP consultation is included.

Employers will receive a detailed report that outlines employee results, helping you to take action to build a healthier workforce. The report summarises health trends and provides a snapshot of employee well-being.

Protect your employees with our corporate vaccinations. With flexible appointment options, taking care of your team has never been easier.

  • Cold/ Flu – help to reduce flu-related absences with a seasonal flu jab.
  • HPV – Protect against several strains of the Human Papilloma Virus with a HPV vaccine, which is available in two doses.
  • Travel – Offer your employees the opportunity to get vaccinated before travelling to countries with potential health risks.

Additional Information:

  • Aberdeen Mobile clinic on the 14th December.
  • Address – Norwood Hall, Garthdee Road, AB15 9FX.
  • Discount code available for 10% off using POPUP10.

Bookings can be made here: Randox Health Tests - Randox Health Checks

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